Taking stock

tree tunnel

church cross stitch

dove cottage

poppies lake district

dahlias stanhope showI’m still doing the little Blog With Pip course and my assignment is to take stock. My freezer is full of chicken stock! Have you you taken stock? Leave a comment so I can sip your soup stock too. Here goes:

Making :
 A felt needlebook for my niece in Brisbane. We were there recently and she was so keen to learn how to sew she started one for her mama the same night. It’s so satisfying to teach someone who wants to learn!

Cooking :
 Tonight’s winter warmer was osso bucco with stolen rosemary and creamy polenta. A feast that my son also wants to eat tomorrow.

Drinking : More dandelion tea with milk.

 A number of books as usual. The new “Spaces: Vol.2” by Frankie magazine is getting quite the thumb before bed as well as Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” from the op-shop. She’s funny.

 Time. More time. All the time.

 At my daughter growing up SO quickly. She just turned two. So cheeky.

Playing: Draughts on the ipad with my husband before bed. And Reading Eggs with my four year old. And Fish with my family in Coffs Harbour.

 What my work commitments will be next year.

Wishing: We could attend my sister-in-laws wedding in the UK next year.

 Playing eye spy with my son. It made recent road trips up north so much more fun. Really.

 To meet our new niece Arabella.

 Tea parties with real teapots and milk spilt poured by the children into real teacups.

Wondering: If I need a slow cooker this winter, or if my pressure cooker and cast iron dutch oven will suffice.

 Winter woolies. It’s freezing here and we’d be so uncomfortable with out them. If only we had central heating…

 If I can raise the funds for a new camera. Hmmm.

Watching: The World Cup! With an English husband this is essential viewing.

Hoping: The kale self-seeds in the garden. We haven’t done enough to cater to all our edible needs in the vege patch yet.

Marvelling: At how fast the whole alphabet thing is happening with my four year old. He’s just so excited by it.

 More evenings with pot luck dinners and playing board games with friends.

 Chai tea

Wearing: A fluoro peach cardigan from Savers and new (finally) jeans from Dejour. They actually fit!

 A bunch of new blogs (to me) including ‘Practising Simplicity’. Hence I’d love a new camera. Beautiful photography.

 All the daffodil bulbs doing their thing.

 What is for dinner! Win!

 About all my friends who are pregnant and about to embark on this huge trip.

 Like I need a new bedtime routine. With a bath. And essential oils. And candles.

 Women who are able to balance motherhood and work and life. Most women really.

 Out what my wardrobe can offer the next clothes swap with some gal pals.

Buying: The tasty vege box from Luckwood Organics. Such a delightful array of seasonal produce.

Getting: A bit antsy for a day of child-free administration to tidy a few things up here!

 Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar recipes. Feel good food.

 The lack of kindness in Australian political realms. Sad face.

 The windows to let some fresh air in, but it’s icy out there!

 At my husband’s Dad jokes. And the cheeky things my daughter does when she thinks I’m not looking.

 Is tea a snack?

 Did I say I wanted a new camera?

 There were concessions for air travel to see family.

 My students learn about their local area. Always curious.

Hearing: Lots of songs and shouting and screaming contests from my children. There’s only two but they sound like a herd of baby elephants down the hall.


6 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. I love your stock! Gives such an insight to your life and those photos are so gorgeous. Do you really live in that beautiful place? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I should have preceded those photos with a disclaimer, nope, I don’t live there, they’re from a previous life when I lived in the UK. We’re currently in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria but it’s beautiful here too! I’ll have to post some of those soon. Where does your blog live Rachel?

  2. Great post Stacy, I love the path image. I think tea is a snack, the snack to have between snacks.

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