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Hello there. I’m Stacy, an art teacher with two munchkins that keep me busy and a penchant for new art and craft projects. I run a craft group called the Kyneton Brown Owls and I do love to MAKE. I will be running creative art classes this year for children whilst I’m studying Art Therapy. If you’re interested, check out the deets on the website or email

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  1. Hi Stacy

    I am writing an article about Brown Owls for the newly launched Stitch Craft Create Magazine. I would love to talk to you about your branch of the BO and all the crafty creative things you do. I am close to deadline and would appreciate if you can contact me asap. (Sorry, that sounds terribly rushed and unfriendly! Truth is I am a but rushed, but I am friendly – promise!)
    Please send me an email at


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