Assignment: Take Five Photo Safari #blogwithpip


Well hello there! I’m doing my first blog post which is an assignment for Pip Lincolne’s #blogwithpip course. I’m certainly not up to date with my homework but I thought I’d share my ‘day off’ last weekend (from the house and kids). Luckily it coincided with The Design Files Open House, hooray for me! Some of my fave designers were all there, in some art or homewares form. I popped over to the NGV for a quick look-see at the new Melbourne Now exhibition too. As well as lunch at Journal cafe at the City Library. Which will now always remind me of you Pip (when we met in real life!). My apologies for the photo quality, they were on my iPhone and very hastily taken.

IMG_9926 IMG_9928 IMG_9930 IMG_9940


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