A cat mask kind of day


This post was written over a year ago, and has sat lonely in my draft pile waiting to be folded and put away in my drawers. So.

Inspired by the watching of ‘The Dark Crystal’ over the last few days, and the absence of music class and kinder, we made masks today. Very simple cereal box masks to encourage further role-play while I tried to hang the washing out. The autumnal sun was beckoning for some of our chores to be done so we conveniently took the empty weetbix box out of the recycling bin and did some drawing. The Poppet coloured in with oil pastels and the Frog used texta to draw his cat. He drew oil pastel green paws, front and back! And a tail in there somewhere. For extra dimension we hole-punched into the sides to make whiskers with pipe cleaners. The Frog requested that we use the duct tape to attach the wooden dowel on the back. Very simple but very fun. Meow.




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